Days in the Yellow Jersey – Road Edition

I was asked the other day if if Jonathan’s comment on Matt’s ride was an accurate statement. So I decided to run the numbers and see who has spent the most time in the yellow jersey on the Road Challenge for the last 3 years.

A couple of things to note: (1) this doesn’t take into account when people posted their rides or (2) when people signed up. Other than those two caveats, it should be pretty accurate.

2011 Road Challenge – Days in Yellow


Matt Polk 56
Bruce Gustafson 14
Franco on Tour (winner) 12
Jonathan Woodbury 8
Jeff Lloyd 1
Jim  Doane 1


jessica sharpe 66
Nancy Deans (winner) 26

2012 Road Challenge – Days in Yellow


Michael  Mardosz (winner) 53
Jack Nosco 13
Scott Lundy 8
Erik Niemann 8
Joseph Keays 8
Buz Fulton 2
Eric Foltz 2
PJ Mazziliano 1


Debbie Knickman 42
Fiona Petersen 32
Uyen Nguyen 8
Mary Bouchard (winner) 5
Melissa Buches 4
Karen Johnson 3
Tink . 1

2013 Road Challenge – Days in Yellow (as of today)


Erik Niemann 22
Scott Lundy (leader) 17
Bear Thompson 17
Dan Turner 12
Matt Polk 11
Scott Wesson 4
Dave Buches 2
Steve Barson 1
Douglas Kubler 1


Sharon Ignarro 54
Heidi Christensen (leader) 28
Victoria  The  Explorer 5


So yes, while Matt wasn’t ever in the Yellow jersey last year, he has spent more time wearing the yellow over the last three years than anyone else. Jessica Sharpe has the most for the women with one less than Matt.


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